Seven Sisters

I went for a nice long ride today up into Fairfax, up and over the Seven Sisters and back. As I was warming up before hitting the Golden Gate Bridge I met a guy who just moved here a week ago from Africa. He said hi, and I asked him where he was headed on this fine Sunday. He replied with "Over the bridge, and you?". I tried to explain that I was heading up north and over the mountain over beyond, and he said "Ok, let's go."

There were a ton of people out riding. There was a huge group doing some sort of tour of Marin. My new friend was keeping up until we started to climb. He had just ridden the day before so he didn't have very fresh legs. I rode my own pace and waited for him at the top of each climb. I didn't mind. It was nice to have the company.

Where he's from they don't have mountains. It was the first time he's summit a mountain top. I kept telling him it'll worth it, and it was. The view along Ridgeview Road is quite possibly the most beautiful stretch of road I've ridden on, endless valleys to the left, ocean to the right. and rolling hills in front.

We made a quick descent down into Mill Valley and into Sausilito where we made a pit stop to refuel before heading home. On the one hand I felt bad for dropping him on the climbs multiple times, but on the other it was kind of cool to show someone new to the country and riding culture one of the best places to ride in the country. We exchanged info, and plan to ride together again.