China Camp

I finally got to ride the trails at China Camp State Park. Despite from what I've read, saying it's great for beginners, which is true, China Camp offered a lot of challenging climbs and hidden technical features. I rode the main loop a couple of times and ventured through the outskirts of the park, finding some real fun single track.

I don't often drive to where I ride, but China Camp is just far enough. My wife's been out-of-town this weekend, so I had the car all to myself. As you can see it's quite the popular spot to go mountain biking. Because the climbs aren't quite as long as the Marin Headlands it's perfect for shorter rides, however you can just keep looping around and around to get the miles and climbing in.

The fast and flowing trails offer lots of great views of the North Bay on all sides. There happened to be a few trail riding camps rolling through, so I got stuck behind a bunch of teenagers and adults all trying to learn how to mountain bike.