I'm a Filipino-American multidisciplinary creative from the Pacific Northwest. I love bikes, dogs and design in no particular order.


I grew up riding bikes. My dad got me into cycling when I was five years old. I picked up my obsession with mountain biking in the early 90's as a teenager, upgrading virtually every stock part of my Specialized Stumpjumper with colorful Chris King, Paul or Kooka components, while stripping quite a few bolt threads in the process. It was fun to me.

I worked in bike shops as a mechanic as well as on the sales floor. I got into cross-country mountain bike racing for years before focusing on my creative career, moving up to Seattle to study graphic design and illustration. I established a successful independent design studio of 10 years, moved to Brooklyn, and married an amazing woman.

I had set my bike aside for nearly a decade, and realized how much I loved and missed cycling. So I started riding every day and took training seriously. I got back into racing and found my passion again. I went on to become the art director at Specialized for about a year before decoupling my career and love for bikes.

It's a new year, and I'm stoked as ever to be creating, riding, racing and sharing my story with you.


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