Top of the mornin' y'all. From epic mountain bike racing to adventures on the road, Spinning Around in Circles documents and delivers cycling stories for the inspired rider in all of us.


Returning in 2015

I started this blog called Spinning Around in Circles as more of a side project, an outlet for my renewed love for cycling about a year before moving out to the bay area in 2012. It was a practice in daily documentation, from riding to racing, training and product reviews. It gave my photography a sense of purpose and pushed me to be a better writer and story teller. After a few years it became habitual, posting every single day. I wanted to see if I could do it. I did, and now what?

I got a little better at writing, or at least more comfortable with it. I wanted to create something inspiring and motivating. As the new year approaches I have renewed passion for the sport and an ever changing  perspective on cycling. I look forward to sharing those stories with you. So stay tuned, and hope to see you back soon.