Case of the Mondays

Today was probably only the fifth time it's rained here in San Francisco since moving here six months ago. So strange to be living in a city with such little rainfall. I lived in the Portland/Seattle area and more recently Brooklyn, where the rain is more intense. I prepped my trusty Independent Crown Jewel as my new wet weather commuter and brought out my Rapha 3/4 shorts. It barely rained that much on my way to work. I thought I had brought extra pants with me, but mistakenly packed my summer shorts instead. I had to rock my riding shorts all day at work. Not ideal, but not that bad.

I also didn't have the greatest day at work, and to vent my frustration I attacked the hill leading out of our office and further into the Presidio. The only good that came out of that effort was the 2nd place overall on Strava for that segment. Tomorrow's another day.