50 Mile Snow Ride

Woke up at 7 am this morning with a mission to ride rain or shine, including snow. It wasn't as bad as the snow storm we had a few weeks ago, but I upped the ante by pushing 50 miles to the Palisades and back. I was the only one out on the road for quite some time, till I spotted a few brave souls, whom all opted to do 9W instead of the more rugged Henry Hudson Drive like I chose to do.

The gnarly climb up to the ranger station at the end of Henry Hudson Drive, aka. River Road.

It was a great ride up until about 5 miles from home when I hit the pavement a couple of times. First crash was due to my fiddling with jacket zippers. So stupid. The other one was on the Brooklyn Bridge. Note to self - don't ride the Brooklyn Bridge after it has snowed. The wet wooden planks are quite dangerous. I nearly took out a tourist in the wrong lane who caused me to crash.

The George Washington Bridge crossing over into Manhattan.