To Shave or Not to Shave

I've always wondered about cyclists and shaved legs. I've never done it before, but I've always been curious. Are there any benefits? Is it purely aesthetics? Tradition perhaps? To me for the longest time it's been the identifier if you're either a 'mountain biker' or 'roadie'. The thing is I love both disciplines equally. I liken the whole ritual to that of people getting tans.

I used to be really self-conscious about my legs because I'm so skinny. But now I'm not afraid to wear lycra shorts as I've slowly sculpted my biker legs over the years. What do the ladies think? Is it sexy or gross to see a man with shaved legs? What would my wife think? I've never asked her before.

While there's isn't much to justify the benefits of shaving your legs, which includes aerodynamics, heat dissipation, road rash (wound treatment), deep tissue massages. The main reason I'd consider shaving my legs is to show my commitment to the sport, that I'm serious about cycling. But does one need smooth legs to show that?

The closest thing I ever got to a tattoo was wearing a bicycle chain around my wrist, no clasp, secured as if on a bicycle. It was a bitch getting on, and I wore it for many years. Since I can't grow facial hair could this be my mustache phase? I'm really interested in knowing what everything thinks, cyclists and non-cyclists alike. What say you?

[Update: I did not shave my legs.]