Superbowl Sunday Ride

I got up super early on Sunday morning to do some laps around the park. It was a chilly 33º at 7:30am, and my legs were still fatigued from my ride the day prior. I had to do a workout that focused on riding at a certain power/heart-rate level for a lengthy interval while spinning a lower than usual cadence. I found myself struggling focusing on the numbers, but with anything new there's definitely a learning curve. Maybe I overdressed, but I overheated quickly. I was feeling really weak, despite passing everyone I rode by. I guess my goal was to build up endurance rather than strength, and my workout achieved that. I finished my ride early in preparation for a brunch, followed by a small Superbowl party at our place. Nothing like nachos, fried chicken and beer to top off a solid weekend of riding and training.