Back to Nyack

I rode up to Nyack again yesterday after taking Friday off. I was really pushing hard all the way through the 75 miles. I even took the hard way back by opting to ride Henry Hudson Drive instead of 9W on my return, which adds quite a bit more climbing. Overall I felt really strong compared to my last ride to Nyack, which I had a bit of help from. This time it was a complete solo effort.I even and rode past some of the Rapha Continental guys, which was pretty cool. I recognized them of course by their Independent Fabrication bikes as well as that one dude with the totally wild beard. You know who I'm talking about. I wanted to stop and chat them up, but I was on a mission to smash my last time and effort.

Instead of the popular stop at the Runcible Spoon cafe in Nyack I stopped at a nearby park for my mid ride snack of trail mix, and soaked in the view of the Hudson River. Normally on my way back I'd get caught by a large group, but this time I bridged onto two groups along 9W. I think this is a good sign of things to come if I keep riding consistently and continue to push my limits.