Continental Gatorskin Tires

My first impressions on the Continental Gatorskin tires after a handful of long rides are pretty good. Despite having my first flat on them the other day on a training ride, due to a roofing nail going straight through, they seem impervious to debris that would have otherwise cut through the casing of my previous tire, the Michelin Pro Race 3. Even while the tire continued to lose air it felt very stable.

They are a tiny bit heavier, but the more robust casing and durable tread make up in overall performance. I went with a lighter tube from Continental so they rotational weight is fairly comparable.

Mated with the new grey finish of the Mavic Open Pro CD my new wheels are looking great. Love the orange lettering of the tire, and wished the rim decals matched, but then again I don't like bike stuff to be 100% coordinated.

Again, this is a short-term review and we'll see how these tires really hold up over the long haul. The compound and slight tread pattern, while a little nerve-racking at first, feel very responsive. I haven't ridden them in the rain yet, which will reveal their true strength and weaknesses.