Tamarancho Frost Flow Flat

tamaranco-flow-frost-flat-1 For a change of scenery and terrain I decided to check out the trails at Tamarancho. I forgot how much fun it is out here, especially if you've got an appropriate bike for it. The last time I rode the trails were on my hard tail, which is fun, but way more fun on a full squish. I was able to flow more on the Flow Trail this time, but man, were the trails packed. Not many places to pass, but I was happy to go with the flow.


I was going for two laps, and made it halfway through the second lap when I flatted at the rock garden section. A rock punched its way through the casing of my rear tire. Not cool, especially on a ride where you forget to pack a spare tube. Luckily a fellow rider hooked me up. I'll be going to Control casings on my rear tire from now on.