Leadville 100 Qualifier

The Leadville 100 qualifying races were announced the other day. Even though I won a lottery that automatically places me at the start line of the race, I'm determined to officially qualify at the Wilmington Whiteface 100 in Wilmington, NY on June 17.

The course features 62% fire/jeep roads, 34% paved, and 4% single track and about 6500 ft climbing over 57 miles (100k). I think with all the training I'm doing on my road bike I'll definitely be in shape for this. Check out the course map and profile here.

They only have 100 qualifying slots based on performance with a cap of 1000 racers per race. That means only 10% of the top finishers make it into the Leadville 100. They added more qualifying races this year so chances are better if you do poorly in any one race.