A Too Many Bikes Solution

I don't know how it happened, but we now have four bikes between the two of us, three of which belong to me. Fortunately, we have really tall ceilings, but the offerings of decent looking wall mounts for bikes is very slim. So I decided to make my own. The result is quite nice and pretty inexpensive.

I picked a long 2"x4"x8' plank I picked up from Lowes, which happens to be a few blocks away, and bought these brackets on Amazon but in grey. I picked up a small quart of matching paint and painted the 2"x4". This step made all the difference in aesthetics. Since all the weight is distributed along the entire length of the 2"x4" all I need to do was secure it flat against the wall and bolt the mounts onto the plank. I used elfa wall anchors from The Container Store which do a great job without much worry of pulling out of the drywall. My last wall mount came crashing down, putting a nice big dent in my road bike. Luckily the frame is made from steel, and dents like that add character, so I tell myself.

The hardest part of the whole project was figuring out exactly where to put the mounts. We have enough height to stack three bikes, one way up high, in the middle and the last leaning against the wall. The only drawback is that the bike up the top is a bit high to reach without a stool or chair. I also picked up some hooks for hanging helmets and locks. The end result is something quite minimal and modern.