Dawn Patrol

dawn-patrol-feb-3 Another glorious outing to the Marin Headlands this morning. I was joined by my buds Peter and Brian. We're all pretty serious about our training. No more base miles to be had. It's time to put the hammer down. Riding alone I find it harder to push my limits. Not so when I'm with friends. They keep me motivated to push harder.


Watch out for this guy. Brian only started mountain biking last year, and he's officially addicted. Not only does he fly up the hills chasing after me, he's in the middle of training for an Iron Man later this year. Crazy. He also owns a beautiful Moots YBB 29er.


The sun is rising earlier, and soon enough I won't need to bring a light with me. It's still pretty cold out, but I don't mind. Once I get going and warmed up I'm good to go. I've also been ramping up my weekly hours in the saddle. I've managed to maintain about 13 hours a week, getting closer to 14-16. I've definitely fallen into a good routine.