Mountain Stroll

mountain-stroll-1 I got up this morning and watched the elite women's race at the Cyclo-cross World Championships online. What a great race. Such a dramatic ending. It got me inspired to get out and seize the day. Most of my riding buddies were already out on the trail, but somewhere south of me. I had a solo ride in mind anyway, and made my way towards the top of Mt. Tam, like most weekends. 50 miles and close to 7,000' of climbing. What a great early spring-like day.


It quickly warmed off, and I was already shedding my arm warmers early. On my way up the first leg of Miwok I caught a number of riders towards the top, one of which recognized me from the Old Caz race. He asked me about my Open, how I liked it and such. "I love it!", I quickly replied. We chatted for less than a minute before I kept forging onwards and upwards.

I didn't see too many riders out on the trail early on until the return home where I ran into the entire Whole Athlete team riding up Coastal View on their way up to the top of Tam. It was really great to see the future generation of mountain biking in matching kits.


I also got new shoes recently, some Mavic Fury's. They're super light and fit really well. I've been riding a pair of shoes that were a half-size too big. Feels good to have proper fitted shoes. I'm still dialing in the perfect cleat position on my right shoe.

I stopped and picked up a burrito before heading home. I had kept up with the rest of the cyclo-cross races via Twitter, and watched the elite mens race while refueling on my burrito. Then I dozed off for a much needed nap.