Paradise Loop

My wife and I rode around Tiburon for the first time. It's a good loop for beginners in that it's not too hard and just long enough. We started from home, and knew this would be a big ride for my wife. We stopped in downtown Tiburon to grab an early lunch while watching groups and groups of riders either starting or ending their rides.

I made sure we stopped a lot to soak in the sun, views of the city as well as the North Bay. The loop was really flat towards the beginning, but really picked up on the other side, which was very curvy and somewhat hilly.

We took our time heading home, as there were a lot of people out on bikes, and I knew my wife was beginning to fade a bit. We rode 44 miles, and I'm quite proud of my wife for sticking it out all the way through. She looked fierce in her new Rapha classic jersey, and even more fierce tackling the last set of climbs. Slowly but surely we're working our way to bigger and better rides.