Saturday Stretch

Finally got in a good ride this morning, after having spent most of the week with stitches, bruises and healing wounds. I was a bit nervous at the start of the ride, especially while crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, where I had my accident the weekend before. I made sure I got out early enough to avoid all the tourist traffic.

I went straight up the side of Mt. Tam, and dropped into the Seven Sisters. I pretty much hammered all the way, seeing if I could best any previous times I set before. I ran into the Mission Cycling crew as they were nearing the top. The weather was as perfect as can be, no wind, not too hot nor cold. Just right.

I took a new route from the top down to Highway 1, a winding 6 miles descent through shady trees and uneven road. Seemed like it was a popular climb, having passed by at least 20 or so riders, including the Mission Cycling crew I just saw on the other side of the mountain.

My bike is all fixed up and even better than before. I upgraded to SRAM Red brakes, which shed a tiny bit of weight, but increased my braking performance. I stopped at Stinson beach to soak in the sounds of waves crashing.

On my way home I realized I should have eaten more or at least stopped in town to pick up something before tackling the coastline rollers. It was my first time riding along the coast line, which was absolutely gorgeous. I bonked with at least 20 miles to go, and suffered through it. I stopped at the 7-Eleven on the other side of the pass to refuel. Snickers and a Coke never tasted better.