Golden Gate Trails

Happy to be back home from our trip out to the desert. It's 20º cooler here in SF, and boy is it refreshing. After spending eight hours in the car I was ready for a quick spin to shake out my legs. I opted for my mountain bike and explored some of the trails in Golden Gate Park.

On my way to the park I witnessed a nasty crash. A woman was just riding along and got her front wheel caught in the street-car rail. Before she knew it she was on the ground, tangled up with her bike. I stopped to check if she was ok. She was pretty shaken up, and a number of people rushed over to her. She was fine, a little scraped up. I checked her bike out to make sure it was in working order before I left. Pretty scary, but I'm glad she's ok.

Tomorrow it's back to work, but thankfully it's a short week for me. I've got some weekend riding plans to take care of. Maybe I'll finally check out China Camp or do another Marin Century.