Joshua Tree

20121016-164021.jpg On our last day in Palm Springs before we drive back tomorrow I decided to ride through Joshua Tree national park. I started near the western entrance, rode out to the eastern entrance, and made my way through the northern part of the park. 50 miles later I'm alive and well, a tad sunburned, and ready for a dip in the pool.


I was worried I didn't being enough water with me. I set a fast pace to the eastern entrance, averaging about 24 miles an hour before the long deceitful climb into the park. I was completely spent after the effort and started guzzling my water. Thankfully I was able to get a refill from the entrance guard before setting off.

The roads were rolling, but it felt like I was on a gentle upward slope the entire time. I got tired real fast, and was going through my water faster than I wanted to.


The park is absolutely amazing. I've never seen terrain quite like it. It started out as typical desert scenery, but halfway into my ride I was flanked by crazy rock structures and rolling hills of cacti as far as the eye can see.

The road itself was relatively well paved and void of much traffic. The speed limit is about 35 mph, and cars were scarce and very respectful of my space.

I should have started a lot earlier because the heat was really getting to me, especially towards the end of my ride. All I could think about was water, a burger back at the hotel and a smoothie. I stopped at three rest stops along the way, bummed that any of them had water. Lesson learned.

Our vacation is coming to an end, but it was great to spend so much time in the desert.