Indian Summer

What a glorious morning for mountain biking! It was pitch black when I hit the road, on my way to meet my riding buds for our weekly Tuesday morning Marin Headlands dawn patrol. It was an unusually warm morning and the sun wasn't rising. I was the only one without a proper light setup, but I knew the trail well enough to get down the first descent.

I still had dead legs from my race on Sunday, but found them on our way back. We ran into a group of roadies at the start of the last climb. They continued on road, while we made our way up dirt. I wanted to see if I could beat them to the top, and decided to give it a go. Full gas. They must have taken the tunnel back into the city, and didn't see them at the top, but did run into another group. One of the riders happens to be the guy that helped me purchase my Specialized SL4 over at Mike's Bikes. It's fun to see people you've met out on the road.