Jersey Contents - Race Day

I'm putting the final touches on my race day prep. I've got my tools and nutrition all laid out. There are plenty of aid stations along the way, so it's not crucial I carry everything. I'm racing with bottles rather than a hydration pack. I want to be as comfortable and light as possible over the course of a 100 miles.

I'll have Hammer energy drink as well as GU Brew for sodium/electrolyte replenishment, GU Chomps to snack on and maybe a Clif Bar or two to tide me over before I get to the Twin Lakes aid station where I'll swap for fresh bottles and restock my food supply. It's also the perfect place to bring my lunch to the top of Columbine where it's the best time to eat solid food. No point in making my stomach work overtime, taking precious blood flow away from my legs. The descent down and the relatively flat section on the way back will be enough time to digest without feeling weighed down.

I've decided to race with my Rapha kit instead of the one provided by Carmichael Training Systems. It just has a better fit and  I haven't ridden with the other jersey before, and I'm somewhat superstitious of racing with new gear for the first time. This means I won't be able to rely on their support, but honestly the entire race is well stocked with everything I need.

My support crew will be waiting at the Twin Lakes aid station where they'll have extra food, water, clothing and tools if need be. It's a first time for everyone, but I'm pretty happy with our way of identifying each other come race day. Since my bike and kit are an all black & white color scheme, we've coordinated in which they'll be wearing white with black polka-dotted shirts. I'm so grateful and excited to share this experience with them.