Leadville Course Recon - Day 4

Today was the last day I'd be able to pre-ride the Leadville course. I decided to take it very easy, spinning most of the way though. I started on 6th (race start), and made my way up to the top of St. Kevins, back down and to the inbound finishing trail, which proved to be more difficult than I had thought. It starts out as dirt road, then to a rocky double track, then a long gradual climb up a rocky road before turning back to dirt road, then it's on to the finish.

On my way back into town I spied the Specialized race tent. I'm pretty sure these guys are staying in the same lodge as I am in Breckenridge. I know for certain Christoph Sauser is around, having seen his laptop name pop up on the lodge network, but no actual sighting of the legend. I did see his old team-mate Alban Lakata on course yesterday. I think the race is going to go to either of them.

I came into town early so I could pick up my race packet and do the on-site medical check-in. To my surprise the line went clear around the block. The line moved quickly where I was able to pick up my race number (#519). I'll be starting in the silver corral group, just behind the pros near the front. I achieved this placement because of my qualifying time at the Tahoe qualifier.