The Quest for Blue Skies (Part 2)

Here I am again, near the top of Mt. Tam, overlooking the fog covered ocean. The big difference is that I made to the top on a brand new bike. I decided the only way to break in and bless a new ride is with my own sweat atop a mountaintop. I rode 50 miles and climbed over 5,000' in under a three hours. I felt pretty good considering the huge ride I did just yesterday, and I owe most of the inspiration to my new bike. See what I got after the break.

My wife and I splurged and picked up two new road bikes on Sunday, an Amira for her and a Tarmac SL4 Pro for me. Mikes Bikes is making room for new models to come through, so a lot of their current inventory was on sale. I've been eyeing an SL4 for a while now, and decided that now was the time. All I can say is that this bike screams up and down the road. A more detailed review to come.

Halfway up to the top of Mt. Tam. The fog covering all of San Francisco and Marin County.

The road to the summit goes right next to that strange ball at the top of the mountain. An observatory perhaps? After soaking in some sun I made my way down into the fog, which got more intense the closer I got to sea level.