The Quest for Blue Skies (Part 1)

I had quite the weekend of riding. On Saturday I set out on my mountain bike to tackle the summit of Mt. Tam. I rode  close to 60 miles and ascended over 8,000', making it the biggest the ride on dirt, ever. I wanted to simulate the mileage of the Leadville qualifier in Lake Tahoe, CA next weekend.

The majority of the ride was cold and foggy. I was convinced there was blue skies somewhere on the other side of the mountain.

Through the woods and over the mountain. At the top of the Coastal View trail I intersected the old railroad grade that takes you to the summit of Mt. Tam. The trail has some spectacular views, in this case, the rolling fog over Muir Woods.

The top was so surreal. Just a couple of hours ago I was swimming in the thickest fog that covered most of the surrounding Bay Area. It was bright, sunny and really warm at the top. It's the halfway point for me, but what goes up must come down.

I dialed my suspension back to fully absorb every bump along the way. I was flying down Coastal View and started to catch riders along the way. I was having a blast, respectfully passing people until I got stuck behind a guy who refused to let me pass after politely asking many times. What a jerk! I rode his ass almost 3/4 of the way down. When someone is going faster than you and asks if the can get by, slow down and pull off. No need to ruin the fun for everyone. Luckily it was but a small bump in an otherwise epic ride.