Leap Year

It's my birthday today, which means I just turned 8! I was born at 5am on February 29th in Vancouver, WA. It's been 5 years to do the day since moving to New York, and so many great things have happened to me in the relatively short time. I have a wonderful wife and family, a great dog, my health, a successful career, and incredible friends. Thanks to everyone for wishing me a happy birthday today. [Photo by Jenny]

So what did I do today? Not much. I decided to take the day off from work, did some indoor training since the weather was crap, finished re-watching Mad Men in anticipation of the new season, watched a movie, took a nap, and walked Marlow. The night will continue with my wife taking me out for a surprise dinner and end with cake and birthday presents. Overall a low-key and relaxed birthday.