I thought it'd be fun to do a recap of my month of riding in January. I did just as many rides this month as I did last month, give or take two rides. Surprisingly I rode over 800 miles this month and 500 miles last month. Maybe it was due to the holidays and that I was traveling a lot more, but this is nearly double the amount. My average distance also went up from 20 miles per ride to 30 miles. I logged in 50 hours vs. 36 hours, granted I was doing more short power intervals compared to longer steady state intervals. But what really impressed me this month is the amount of climbing I achieved; 30,258 ft in January and only 6,562 ft in December. Again, I think it's because I spent more time on the trainer than on the road. My average speed is up from 14.7 mph to 16.1 mph, which is really good.

I think it's still too early to tell if I'm getting faster or not. I definitely feel stronger. The weather has been a major factor despite being able to train indoors. Regardless, I eagerly await my first cross-country race(s) in April.