Snow Day

It's snowed on early Saturday morning. I felt like a kid again, not being able to sleep in anticipation of the forthcoming storm. I woke up to about 4" of snowfall, and knew I had a small window of time before the white snow turned to black sludge. I geared up, hopped on my mountain bike and rolled slowly down the hill, then up to Prospect Park. People looked at me like I was crazy as I rolled by, but I love riding in the snow.

Riding in the snow is a bit easier than you'd think, as long as the snow is fresh. I have hydraulic disc brakes so stopping wasn't an issue. My mountain bike is also a 29er, and the bigger wheels help in providing more grip to surface. I did notice my front fork becoming slow and sluggish. It has Specialized's Brain technology, and I felt like it was the cause for its lack in performance, but who really needs to soak up bumps while riding in soft snow?

It was 25º outside and the snow was quickly turning into sleet and blowing sideways. I rode for an hour and a half and covered 18 miles. My fingers were frozen by the time I got home, and the streets were already turning into black rivers of sludge.