Cunningham Park

I took advantage of another warm day in Brooklyn and rode out to Cunningham Park in Queens for a little mountain biking. It's one of three accessible mountain bike specific parks in New York City. I rode 15 miles to the trail head and did about 5 miles of fast rolling single-track. While it lacks in good long sustained climbs it makes up in overall fun with technical twisty trails.

The trailhead is at 210th St in Oakland Gardens, Queens. It's maintained by CLIMB (Concerned Long Island Mountain Bicyclists).

The trails are directional and pretty well-marked. Since it's directional you rarely see anyone on the trail. The park also features a few pump tracks, and bunch of technical sections with log rollers, drops and jumps.

The mud that day was rather sneaky. What looked like hard-pack dirt turned out to be very tacky and soupy underneath. I slid out a few times, but managed to stay pretty clean. I can't say the same for my bike.

Cunningham is good for a quick fix. It has a bit of everything, and is close enough to either take a train or ride there.