1/2 a Million

hot-tam-2 Today I rode up to Tam and back with my friend Peter, pre-riding the Heifer course, which goes down at the end of the month. We covered 65 miles and over 7K of elevation gain. I also broke 1/2 a million feet of climbing this year. What better way to do so than to traverse the beautiful Marin Headlands, Muir Woods, Tam, down Coastal View and back.


Peter aboard his BMC. He and I have been riding the Headlands a lot this year. We both suffered on the way back due to the hot weather. We even stopped at my secret apple tree in search of food. By the time we reached the bridge we were both completely spent, chugging away at tourist speed.


The view from atop of Mt. Tam. It never gets old. Overlooking the north side into Fairfax and beyond. Just last weekend we were exploring the valley and peaks below, riding on the north side the lake below. Marin has so much expansive land, and I've only covered a fraction of what it has to offer.