Every Wednesday is the Bailey loop lunch ride. It's fast and furious. I'm still trying to figure out how to latch on to the lead group over the halfway point. There are a few key sections to be mindful of if you don't want to get dropped. The first starts at mile eight where if you don't have the fitness to hang on a climb you'll definitely be off the back. I make sure to be at the front so that I'm able to catch the first wave of attacks before the descent. The second section involves another sprint up a short and punchy climb before you bomb back down into the valley. This is where I usually get dropped, as I'm not the most confident descender. It's quickly followed by a long cross-wind section where if you're not with the lead group you're definitely going to get dropped. Due to my light frame I'm usually straggling towards the end and eventually run out of steam to hang on. A right turn back onto Santa Teresa and it's time trial mode, and if you're lucky you'll get a nice tail wind all the way home.