Skeggs Enduro

skeggs-enduro More Enduro action at Skeggs. This time the climbs are dialed up a notch as well as the descents. So much fun, but man are my legs fried. This bike was still a bit too much, even for Skeggs, which is a spider network of crazy fun single track down in the Peninsula. Our friend David had fresh legs, and made the rest of us suffer as we chased him up and down the trails. We were hauling ass in many sections, and even had a radar gun pointed at us on our last section of the Trifecta loop. Luckily Josh slowed the group down as we waved past the park ranger.

My Enduro 29er weekend has come to an end. It's a massively fun bike, but way too much bike for me. I think a Stumpjumper FSR or Camber would be better suited. However, an Epic would have been perfect for entire weekend, which suits my style better.

I'm coming to terms with my weight weenie tendencies, wanting the lightest parts, but in all honesty it's not that much of an edge, unless we're talking carbon wheels and light tires. Rotational weight makes a huge difference, but for the little blingy things, not so. Riding the Enduro opened my eyes to having more for fun, to not take everything so seriously. Sure it's fun to blast up a hill in less time, but I had just as much fun doing that on the Enduro, which easily weighed eight so more pounds than my Open. I love the tech side of riding, and love lightweight bikes, but chasing after grams is so expensive and mentally taxing. Just get out there and ride!