Wettest Ride

wet-skeggs My Saturday ride at Skeggs with my buddies turned out to be one of the wettest mountain bike rides I've ever done. We thought we'd have perfect dirt after having rained the night before. Twenty minutes into our ride the sky opened up and poured on us. Along the way we past a huge group of bikers. A few of them shouted out my name as they rolled past from the other direction. They were my co-workers! Really cool to see them up in the peninsula. Shortly after half of our group split, those of us who had enough and those that wanted more. It was only myself and my friend Jeremy that wanted to brave the warm rain. It just got progressively worse and worse, but it was really fun, actually. Reminded me of riding back in New York and back home in Seattle/Portland. We crossed paths with my Specialized crew a few times before calling it quits after an hour of slogging through the mud.