demo I got out to Demo for the first time. Finally! The trails here are pretty insane. Like Skeggs, it was pretty dry and washed out, but it didn't limit the fun I had. The group was pretty relaxed. I went up with Jeremy, who's doing the enduro race here next month. He needed to do some course recon. Everyone was on a full suspension bike except for me, and boy do I wish I had one.

We first dropped into the top loop of Bacon. I nearly lost it on a few steep sections, but managed to hold my own. Then we did Ridge and dropped into Sawpit, where I ripped my rear derailleur hanger on the transition climb. I had some helping hands convert my bike to a single speed. I thought I'd call it a day, but there was Braille left to tackle. So glad I grunted up the climb to do that trail. I plan on coming back, but with a more appropriate bike like a Stumpjumper FSR.