My parts arrived on time. I had to pay a premium price to have everything delivered in a day, but it was worth it. Tapping out the old bottom bracket was nerve-racking, as I was afraid I'd damage my frame. I banged away with a hammer and the proper tool in place. They eventually popped out. The problem I overlooked was that I didn't have a bearing press! What am I going to do? I tried using a quick release skewer as a makeshift press, but knew that wasn't going to work. Then I had the brilliant idea of using my crank set as the press. I carefully set the cups into the frame. The large diameter spindle of the Rotor cranks provided a great way to align the cups properly. I continued to torque down the cranks, an 1/4" at a time until both sides were completely flush to the frame.

I spent most of the evening getting my drivetrain back in order as well as setting up my wheels with new tires and sealant. I need to buy an air compressor because there's nothing more frustrating than trying to set up tubeless tires.