I Gave it My All

I found myself attacking the group for the first half of our Wednesday Bailey loop. Normally I sit in the bunch and wait it out till the second and last big climb(s) before we drop down the fast descent. I broke free of the bunch on the first climb and just kept going along with another rider. I didn't look back, but got caught on the second climb. I kept digging deep and held on with the main group all the way up to the top. The fast long stretch to the final climb was hard, but I kept pushing. I got the jump on the final climb and found myself at the front going into the final descent. It was too much speed for me so I backed off, but not so much that I'd be off the back. On the long straight away to Santa Teresa before turning back to the office I found it really difficult to stay with the lead group. I hopped on the back and hoped they'd slow down. They didn't. As soon as we turned onto the long stretch back the group decided to turn it up another notch, and I quickly found myself off the back and on my own. It felt good to attack the bunch and see how long I could hold the series of intense intervals. Good race training, and I got some props from the guys afterwards. With every Wednesday lunch ride I'm learning when to attack, and who's wheel to follow. I've got the first half down, just need to learn the second half, which is a long 10 mile time trial stretch.