Losing Steam

Losing Steam-2 What a dreary day for trail riding. I battled some annoying headlands as well as tourists around the Embarcadero only to lose my motivation by the time I hit the bridge. After dropping into the Headlands I decided to do the usual Sunday Tam Epic in reverse. Along Miwok I spied two fast-moving riders going up, so I gave chase with what I had left from yesterday's race. I caught and passed them halfway up, but they definitely gave me a run for my money. I crested the climb and bombed down to the stables. I started my long climb up again, but this time I tried to keep in a tempo spin/zone. By the time I reached the top of Coyote Ridge I had nothing left. No Tam Epic for me. I cut my ride short in hopes of getting a bit of recovery.

Losing Steam-1

I wore my CamelBak today, which I never wear. It was nice to not have to pack everything, including my water into a saggy jersey pocket. By the time I got home I noticed a big chunk of pedal missing from my new S-Tracks. The piece missing is of the aluminum deflector. I guess it did its job. I remember hitting a rock really hard in the race yesterday. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened had I bought the carbon/ti version.