Look S-Track Pedal Initial Review

s-track-initial-review I set up my new Look S-Track pedals the other day and got to take them out for a test spin. Setup was easy, and the initial click in was just as nice. They're a bit harder to get into that the Eggbeaters I've been running the past couple of years, but I've always felt that they were too easy to get in and out. The S-Track retention is very secure and confident feeling. The cleats themselves have small elastomer inserts that interface with the large metal band. The recessed outer surface is meant to interface with most tread patterns of mountain bike shoes. The kit comes with extra elastomer inserts as well as shims to get the most contact surface possible.

Upon first pedal stroke I could immediately tell the difference the design of these pedals make. They do have a slight degree of float, but I prefer pedals with less anyway. They just feel solid all around. I'm hoping the bearings hold up better than my old Eggbeaters, as I've had two pairs seize up on me as well as a broken wing. Stay tuned for a long-term test.