Tam Epic with Ryan

tam-epic-with-the-king I rode with my friend Ryan today, taking him up to the top of Mt Tam via Peter's Headland Heifer route. He made it look easy on a number of segments. He's so much faster than me, so it was nice to follow someone who I knew would push my own limits.

It was cold and foggy start, but as soon as we made it up towards the top of Tam the skies cleared as we enjoyed the glorious sun and epic views all the way to the top. I had a leaky rear tire, and had to stop a number of times to fill it up with air before deciding to throw in a tube for the latter half of our 65 mile ride with 8,000' of climbing. There were a ton of hikers along the way, as well as a number of bikers near the top of Pantoll.

This was the perfect way to end my week and prepare myself for next weekend's Leadville qualifier race up in Lake Tahoe. I hope to get a bit of recovery this coming week.