Solo Saturday

saturday-alpine-sisters-4 It was a great Saturday morning for a long road ride. I was supposed to hook up with group of friends, but there was some miscommunication as to when and where we'd meet up. After waiting for a half an hour I decided to strike out on my own. I felt really good for the entire ride, putting in some sustained efforts up all of the major climbs. The temperature was really starting to rise, especially up in Fairfax, but tapered off once I hit the backside of Mt. Tam. Without a cloud in sight it really was a picturesque day in San Francisco.


This is a typical group, waiting for others to join at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge. Even at 7:30am there are tons of dedicated riders ready to head out.


This is the view from the top of the 7 Sisters climb along Ridgecrest Road near the top of Mt. Tam. It never gets old to me. With breathtaking views to the left and right it's still my favorite section of road. You really have to work for it, too.


Before heading home I stopped in for a quick iced coffee at the Rapha Cycle Club and watched the recap of the first stage of the tour. It was cool hanging out, and chatting with other riders either coming from a ride or just heading out for one. Such a good spot.

This ride is one of two big rides I plan on doing this weekend. I've been jumping from race to race the past month, not getting enough ride time in between. I'm slowly ramping up my riding as well as adjusting to my new schedule. I should be back into a normal rhythm with the added intensity of all the lunch rides at work.