Double Day

san-bruno-fog I managed to get out twice today, once during lunch and another after work. The Wednesday lunch ride is the Bailey loop, where I was nearly caught up in a nasty crash. We were well-organized until the road pointed upwards, where the back-end of the group was scrambling for position. It was in that confusion where someone clipped the back-end of a wheel and went down right in front of me. I managed to swerve out of the way just in time. It was a close call for me, and fortunately everyone was ok.

After work I still had a bit of unspent energy, and went for a ride up and over San Bruno Mountain. Things are heating up on the leader board for Guadalupe Canyon. The segment starts at the bottom of the adjoined road leading up to the big climb. Had I not stopped to take the picture above I would have claimed the top spot. It gives me something to shoot for in the near future.