Hydrate, Stretch, Repeat

Today's mission: stay hydrated, eat well, stretch and repeat. While I haven't done my stretching just yet, I have been drinking a fair amount of water in preparation for tomorrow's epic XC race around Lake Sonoma. It's going to be a hot one, and I'll definitely be rocking my sweat band. Despite not fully catching up on my sleep, my legs are feeling pretty good. Mentally I'm prepared to take a beating, and my bike is all dialed in. I had to swap out my rear tire for a SnakeSkin version of the Racing Ralphs. I've had too many close calls with it flatting on me right before a big event. I'm also using Orange Seal instead of Stans. So far so good. My suspension is all dialed in, too, which was giving me grief the past month. Servicing the seals myself did the trick.

I was expecting more of my friends to race SoNoMas, but with the projected heat and other plans it looks like I'll be up there with my friend Ryan, and maybe even a coworker or two.