Mt. Tam Crew

tam-epic-new-4 We had a solid crew going out to Mt. Tam and back via Peter's Headland Heifer route. We had a couple new faces join us, mixing it up. I suffered like a dog, having ridden to work the day before, and not getting enough rest or sleep, but I stuck it out and made it the whole way.


Our crew today consisted of Steve, Peter, Musa and another Steve (off to the right).


The whip of choice, a hardtail 29er. All five of us rocking the big wheels. My bike hasn't seen a wash in almost a month. Not since Boggs! I usually keep my bikes clean, but I haven't had the time to pay them much attention. I've got a nice layer of sweat and dirt covering my downtube.


Why am I not clipping in? Oh, that's why. I broke my pedal. Crankbrothers pedals have been a consistent headache for me. I previously had the titanium versions of these Eggbeaters. The bearings seized up on those. This time I snapped off a wing. I've got one more pair to get me by till my next pedal purchase, which won't be Crankbrothers.


The view from 3/4 of the way to the top. We lucked out with another gorgeous day of riding. Glad to see our Mt. Tam epic crew growing in size. It's great training for Leadville.