Keeping the Dream Alive

keeping-the-dream-alive-2 With my new schedule comes a lot of changes, especially with my regular training rides. The one I don't want to give up is thankfully conveniently placed in route to work. I got up earlier than usual to make sure that I had enough time to load up the car and drive over to the bride by 6:15am. I even had 20 minutes to spare. I rode with Brian and Jon this morning and put in a good effort all the way through, however my body was still feeling weak after an epic day last Saturday as well as doing an intense lunch ride the day before.


The sun rises are earlier and earlier, so my morning photographs don't have the same dramatic lighting, but it's still quite gorgeous from the top. My bike has been collecting a lot of dust, not because I've been neglecting it. Quite the opposite. After racing Boggs a couple of weekends ago I still haven't had the time to clean my bike. It has a nice thick layer of dirt from Boggs, Mt. Tam and the Marin Headlands.