New Kids on the Block

tam-epic-new-guys-1 Had an amazing ride with some new guys up to the top of Mt. Tam and back via dirt. We rode over 50 miles and climbed over 8000' by the end of the day. We ducked in and out of fog before climbing our way into the hot sun facing the west side of Mt. Tam. Musa and Drew put the hammer down in a number of sections, drilling me into the ground at some points. It was great to ride with fast people. I even came out of it with a few personal records going downhill along Dias Ridge.


This is why I love mountain biking so much. Getting to meet new and interesting people with a shared love of dirt and adventure. We had six in our crew, which turned to five halfway up Tam, and dropped to four on our return trip through the Headlands. The weather was perfect for the most part, and grabbed a burger with everyone before my ride home. What an epic Saturday.