Ride Hard

After a day of recuperating, involving a lot of stretching, foam roller massages and a good amount of sleep, I was ready to test out my legs. I rode the Headlands in the afternoon, smashing a few personal records along the way, besting my times on a number of segments. I started out slow, thinking it was better to spin it out, and see how I felt as the ride went along. The soreness and fatigue I was feeling all last week was gone, so I knew my body had recovered well enough to hammer. I spent most of my morning rebuilding my RockShox SID Solo Air fork, replacing all of the air cartridge, hoping it'll solve my leaky air woes. So far so good, and it's not at all difficult to break it down. Having had experience working on forks made it easier for me to tinker with it, especially after pouring over all of the technical documents I could get my hands on.