New Rubber & Metal

dawn-patrol-new-tires-chain-2 Last night I replaced my worn out chain and set of Racing Ralph tires. It's funny how bald my tread was compared to a fresh set of knobbies. I went with a slightly wider than normal 2.25" front tire for extra control. This morning I tested everything out on our Dawn Patrol ride, where we welcomed a new face to the morning crew.


I really stretched out my chain, and luckily hadn't worn out my cassette too much. I made a few front derailleur adjustments and made sure I wouldn't drop any more chains come Friday. Still, I'm a bit nervous about that happening again, especially in a race situation. I did some research on chain catchers, but because of my direct mount style front derailleur and the fact that the tubes on my frame are Squoval shaped I'm left with little choice. Any recommendations for possible water bottle mounted chain catchers? Seems like my only choice.

Anyways, we had a great ride this morning. It was hella cold down in the valley. The coldest I've ever felt in the Headlands. My face was completely numb by the end of the Bobcat descent.