Just Another Sunday

get-some I wanted to put in a few or more hours in the saddle today to fill out my weekly riding goal. What better way than to ride to the top of Mt. Tam and back. I rode 54 miles with 7,800' of climbing. It's become my regular long ride, where as before I considered it an all day epic. It's helped me get to another level of endurance and strength, not to mention sharpen my downhill skills.

Yesterday my friend David gave me a few pointers on how to carve corners with more confidence. I basically need to get off the saddle more, put most of my weight on my outside foot and really lean the bike into the corner. Today I took the advice and applied it with a lot of success. I found myself committing to corners with more confidence and control. Unfortunately I can't see the improvements I've made because my Garmin had lost the file. Bummer.