Saturday Epic

epic-saturday I woke up this morning feeling rather run down, looking forward to the weekend, hoping the weather would hold, but couldn't shake off the feeling of just staying in bed all day. I might be over-training, but I think it has more to do with the cold weather. I somehow shook it off, got up, had a bit of breakfast, looked out the window and threw on my gear. It's a funny thing, once I was out the door and breathing fresh air I change my tune completely. I was invigorated and ready for a solid day on the bike. I rode 55 miles, and climbed over 7,000' to Mt. Tam and back.

I had the intention of taking it easy, spinning my way to the top, but my steady pace showed that I was in good form, setting a few personal records going up the mountain as well as down. I'm still getting used to my new fitness base. My efforts up the hills aren't as great, yet I'm consistent with improving my times. It's nice to see my winter training and disciplined schedule paying off.

Still glowing from my first win of the season last weekend I worry that I'm peaking too early. Thankfully my ride today affirmed that I am improving, that I can sustain and hold my fitness hopefully all season long. I just need to make sure I get in enough recovery.

Today I wasn't the only one to crank out some solid miles. I had a few friends do centuries today, but one of them put in a massive 100 mile ride with 14,000' of climbing, going up and over Tam, up north and back, making my ride look puny. It was such a good day for riding, but it was hard to gauge what clothing to wear. I made the mistake of wearing heavier winter gear rather than layering. I overheated quickly and often, but was glad while descending Tam.

I'm feeling good having locked up another solid week of training. The ride today was a good indicator that my endurance levels have increased a lot in the past year. It's getting to a point of becoming a regular ride rather than an epic by my standards.