Day Off

headlands-mlk I had the day off from work, so my friend Peter and I did a nice big ride out in the Headlands, down Dias Ridge and up Middle Green Gulch. The day started out very windy, but really sunny. It's starting to feel like spring finally. We were both feeling a bit wiped out from our race at Old Caz on Saturday so we didn't push to hard. We managed to clock in close to 40 miles with over 5,500' of total elevation gain.

It was also the first time my new Ikon tires saw Marin Headlands dirt. They performed rather well, but I'll say that the Racing Ralphs have the slight edge when it comes to cornering on gravel roads. They did feel way more secure over everything else, especially on the Dias Ridge downhill. Maybe it's due to the larger casing, but the edge of bumps got dampened nicely. Climbing wise they're about the same as the Ralphs, but I found better grip if I stayed seated while climbing. I'll be playing with PSI, and think I could go a pound or two less (currently 23/24 PSI). These are definitely a confidence inducing set of tires.