Tam Exploration

tam-exploration Today I rode with a new riding buddy, Giles, to the top of Mt. Tam, and down the backside. It was really cold in the start, but quickly warmed up. I think it was around 39º by the time we started. It was a brisk pace to the top of Tam, and I wish I had brought my GoPro with me. Epic sweeping views for most of the way.

Once we got to the top Giles showed me the backside of the Tam. It was really gnarly, littered with sharp rocks for most of the way down. We got to a main junction, and decided to explore a bit of the backside. It was really fun and unexpected. I'm definitely going back to explore. We got a bit turned around once we dropped into the neighborhoods of Mill Valley before finding our way back to Tennessee Valley and through the Headlands and home. We rode 50 miles and climbed 7,000'.